Hello, welcome to my stock art page!
I've started to sell stock art as an attempt to help indie writers,
publishers, game developers as well as fans, to acquire some nice art
for their projects or their personal fun, while I make a little bit of money in the process.
I sell the art I do for myself, for fun or study, and offer it to you,
on really affordable prices, so you can use it for personal and/or commercial purposes.
I hope some of these pieces may help you out.
Have fun!

Terms and Conditions:
01. You can use the image(s) you bought as many times as you want for non-commercial use.
02. You can use the image(s) you bought on a single commercial project, whatever it may be, along with advertising for said project.
03. You understand and accept that this art is NOT exclusive to you, so I may use and/or resell it as many times as I want for other interested clients; Also, all rights, except for your right to use the image(s) in this pack as described here belongs to me.
04. You can cut-off the white "paper" around the art, crop, scale and/or rotate the art to better fit your project but you cannot make ANY other changes to it and the signature must be always legible or you must credit me right next to the image as follows: © Anderson Maia. If you need to alter it in ANY other way (painting it, for example), feel free to contact me.
05. You must credit me (Anderson Maia) on the products where the artwork will appear.
06. You can NOT resell or give away the image as clipart/stock art or any other way, even for non-commercial use.
07. Some files may have a name (a character may be named Julia for example), but you’re not obliged to abide to it anyway, it’s just named like that for my personal convenience and fun.

That's it! Thank you for reading. You can contact me on andersonmaiaart@gmail.com if you need anything!

You can read again and even download a neat "Read Me" file with my terms and conditions for all my stock art here.

To find my products, visit my shop on DriveThruRPG.